About Us

About Us

UNICOMFORT started from users who needed a fitness mat that can provide shock and pressure absorption while effectively protecting knees, elbows and joints from being damaged during high impact sports, such as jumping rope.

UNICOMFORT collaborated with BASF, in this project to research and modulate the materials to create the perfect formula for a thick mat that can absorb pressure, yet also be comfortable during a fitness workout.

In 2014, The Fitness Mat was created and the advanced polyurethane material (UNISOFT) used was also well received. Different from other materials on the market, UNICOMFORT mats will never be layered, the edges will not be curled, and the resilience is superior.

The unique soft surface, thick layer of 100% polyurethane and suspension can relieve muscles, joints and limb pressure.

Since its inception, UNICOMFORT has been committed to using scientific analysis methods, innovative materials, and strict quality inspection standards to create comfortable fitness/home/office products, providing the ultimate must have accessory for every sports enthusiast, or anyone who stands for long periods of time.